This page is a list of known issues affecting SalesforceIQ CRM users. If your problem is listed below, we’re aware of the issue; if your problem isn’t listed here, please report a case on our Contact Us page. Alternatively, if you're experiencing a site disruption, please refer to our Site Status page for further updates. This page will be updated on a weekly basis, and as issues are resolved.

In Review: Our team is assessing the issue impact, and outlining a scope of work.

In Progress: Engineer is actively investigating the issue, and working to implement a fix

Issue ID# Issue Description Status Stage Last Updated
25022 Stream content is private, despite sharing settings enabled Closed No Fix 10/13/2017
25041 Error message when editing another user's task Closed No Fix 10/13/2017
25115 Slow application performance when typing notes Closed No Fix 10/13/2017
25126 Import is stuck in "pending" status for list with 5,000+ rows Closed No Fix 10/13/2017
25178 Status field is not sorting correctly Closed No Fix 10/13/2017
25166 Closest Connections not displayed in Chrome Extension Closed No Fix 10/13/2017
64921 Linked field does not populate for all items Closed No Fix 11/09/2017
24801 Reply to email activity not posting in Stream view Closed No Fix 11/22/2017
17888488 "Create a Task if no Reply" displaying incorrect date Closed No Fix 01/05/2018
25435 Fields not updating correctly after changes are made Closed No Fix 01/05/2018
18331566 Read Receipt push notifications not appearing on mobile application Closed No Fix 02/28/2018
18282122 Stream shortcut is not visible on tasks Closed No Fix 03/02/2018
18528033 Task due date displayed incorrectly Closed No Fix 04/06/2018
18580048 Unable to delete scheduled emails Closed No Fix 04/06/2018
18579505 Pipeline reports showing intermittent inaccuracy Closed No Fix 04/06/2018
25079 Emails intermittently not syncing to streams. Please contact us at and our engineering team can recrawl your email. Recrawling emails is a short term fix and unfortunately, a long term fix has not yet been identified. If email syncing is a critical feature for your business, we recommend migrating to Sales Cloud as this issue does not occur with email streaming in Sales Cloud. More information can be found here: Closed No Fix 04/06/2018
5236279 Organization data export stuck in "Queued" state Closed Fixed 08/06/2018
5306387 Salesforce Inbox for Outlook & Gmail - Users are getting multiple errors while loading Inbox Add-in Closed Fixed 08/08/2018
5322607 Google Calendar features (Insert Availability, mobile google calendar) not available Closed Fixed 08/10/2018
5072695 .CSV export file missing ELMs Closed Fixed 08/14/2018
5353655 Cannot view files on mobile Closed Fixed 09/18/2018
5372313 Incorrect Contacts showing up in Stream/Gallery Closed Fixed 09/24/2018
5206607 .CSV export data inconsistencies Closed Fixed 05/28/2019
6192296 Error when provisioning Salesforce IQ orders Closed Fixed 05/31/2019
22015341 Multiple phone numbers do not migrate via SalesforceIQ Migration Tool Open In Progress 06/07/2019