Overview: Navigation

Navigation in SalesforceIQ highlights the key features of the app while dedicating more space for your most valuable content.

Video: Navigation Overview (~3.5 min)

Navigation Features

Key features of our navigation include the following:

  • Intelligent List display—SalesforceIQ automatically and intelligently selects your most important Lists and displays them at the top of the screen. Click the downward-pointing arrow to the right of the List names to access all your Lists, and drag and drop to change the List order.
  • Entry of new opportunities, leads, etc. directly from a List—To add a new object such as an opportunity, lead, or other type of relationship to an existing List, navigate to the desired List and click Add [List object].
  • List-based saved filter display—To quickly access your saved filters, hover over the relevant List name and select the filter.
  • Easy email access—You can compose email, view drafts, and view undelivered emails directly on the Home screen.
  • Consolidated address book—You can find both Accounts and Contacts by clicking at the top of the screen.
  • Unified settings—Click at the top of the screen to access all your settings. If you have multiple Organizations, you can switch between them on the Settings screen.
  • Quick Help center access—Click at the top of the screen to access our full Help Center.
  • Notifications—Click at the top of the screen to view your notifications. The number that appears above the icon indicates the number of unread notifications. You receive a notification if someone includes you in a Stream comment, adds you to a team or Organization, or performs some other task in SalesforceIQ that is related to you.