Overview: Salesforce Inbox

Salesforce Inbox helps you spend less time on busywork and more time selling. By bringing the power of Relationship Intelligence to the inbox, Salesforce Inbox streamlines tedious tasks like updating CRM data, scheduling meetings, and answering emails, so your sales team can focus on what matters most: connecting with customers.

Salesforce Inbox lets you:

  • View and create Salesforce records from your inbox
  • Schedule meetings quickly and easily
  • Prioritize your inbox with intelligent notifications

This article gives a general overview of Salesforce Inbox, including availability, top features, and a comparison with SalesforceIQ CRM. For specific questions about using Salesforce Inbox, see our FAQ.


  • iOS mobile app—Supports Gmail, Exchange, Office 365
  • Android mobile app—Supports Gmail, Exchange, Office 365
  • Chrome extension—Supports Gmail
  • Outlook—Supports Exchange, Office 365

Download Salesforce Inbox here.

Top Features

  • CRM + Email—Salesforce Inbox seamlessly connects Salesforce to your inbox. It automatically surfaces relevant Sales Cloud data, providing context for all your customer interactions. You can also create new leads, contacts, and opportunities and log emails to Sales Cloud, all without leaving your inbox.
  • Salesforce Email Templates—Use existing Salesforce email templates when composing emails in Salesforce Inbox. Both text and HTML email templates are supported, but not Visualforce email templates.
  • Email and Attachment Logging—With Salesforce Inbox, you can log both emails and files attached to email messages.
  • Insert Availability—With Salesforce Inbox, email and calendar are tightly synced to make coordinating meeting times easy. Add your availability to an email and let your customer book a meeting with one click.
  • Intelligent Notifications—Using Relationship Intelligence, Salesforce Inbox analyzes your email correspondence to help you stay on top of every deal. Receive an intelligent reminder if you need to follow up on an important email, or get notified when someone opens your email.
  • Smart Send—Email like a pro with Salesforce Inbox. Use email templates and quick attachments to efficiently reply to prospect emails. Or use Send Later to schedule exactly when your customer receives a message.
  • Salesforce1 Mobile App—Salesforce Inbox connects directly to the Salesforce1 mobile app so you can dig deeper into all your CRM data. Gain insight or update fields to keep your data 100% accurate. Tap on a record in Salesforce Inbox and jump directly to that record in Salesforce1.

Get Started with Salesforce Inbox

You can start using Salesforce Inbox in only two steps:

  1. Download the app for your platform:
  2. When prompted during installation, connect an email account.

Salesforce Inbox is now ready to use.