Overview: Contacts and Accounts

Lists in SalesforceIQ are comprised of leads, opportunities, deals, and so on. These items can be either individual Contacts or Accounts.

In SalesforceIQ, Contacts are the individual people, or points of contact, a user adds to a List and/or an Account.

By comparison, an Account refers to the Accounts a user adds to a List. Accounts are comprised of all the Contacts in that Account.

For instance, Jim, Pam, Dwight, and the rest of the individuals who work at Dunder Mifflin are Contacts. Dunder Mifflin itself is the Account.

Video: Accounts vs. Contacts (~1.5 min)

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Overview: Contact Gallery

The SalesforceIQ Contact Gallery gives you a single centralized place to add and manage all your SalesforceIQ Contacts.

From the Contact Gallery, you can do any of the following:

Because the Contact Gallery is set up simiiarly to a List Grid, you can also create and delete Contact properties (shown as columns in the Gallery); hide and reorder columns; and sort columns in the same way you can with Grid fields.

View and share Contacts

Your Contact Gallery includes all Contacts that SalesforceIQ has automatically added to Lists and shared with other members of the Organization, as well as Contacts you import or add.

To access your Organization's Contacts in the Contact Gallery, click at the top of the screen and select Contacts.

Note: If the wrong Organization is displayed, click at the top of the screen, hover over the currently displayed Organization name, and select a different Organization.

Sharing Contacts

When you turn on Email Contact Sync, all Contacts you add to Organization Contacts are automatically shared across your Organization.

Note: Sharing is available only for Organizations with at least two users.

  1. Click at the top of the screen, and then select Contacts.
  2. Click and select Enable Email Contact Sync.

Note: After you share Contacts, there is no automatic way to remove them from your Organization Contacts. Instead, you must follow the steps in the procedure above and select Disable Email Contact Sync, and then archive the Contacts you no longer want shared by clicking at the top of the screen, selecting Contacts, and archiving the Contacts.

Closest Connections

On a Contact's Profile page, the Closest Connections section shows the people in your Organization who have the strongest connection to that Contact.

On an Account Profile page, the Closest Connections section shows the Contacts attached to that Account who have the strongest connection to your Organization.

Closest Connections appear only on the Contact profiles for Contacts in your Organization's address book. Contact profiles for your private, unshared Contacts don't display a Closest Connections section. Learn more about the difference between Organization Contacts and personal Contacts here.

When you turn on activity sharing, SalesforceIQ automatically shares the connection strength for each of your Contacts on the Contact profile page.

Contact sync frequently asked questions

Does SalesforceIQ CRM sync with my email address book?

Yes, Contacts are imported automatically via any connected email Account. SalesforceIQ CRM syncs both Google and Outlook Contacts.

Do my Contacts sync both ways?

Contact sync is a one-way data transfer from your email Address Book to SalesforceIQ CRM. Actions you take in SalesforceIQ CRM—for example, updating a Contact name—are not reflected in your email address book.

How often do Contacts sync to SalesforceIQ CRM?

The sync interval varies depending on your email server. Syncs usually take place every 5–15 minutes.

Synced Contacts appear in your Contact Gallery. They don’t appear on any of your Lists unless you add them.

I deleted a Contact in my email address book, but it didn’t delete in the Contact Gallery.

SalesforceIQ CRM does’'t delete any of your data across the application. In this situation, we recommend archiving the Contact.

How do I turn off automatic Contact sync?

To do this, disable email Contact sync.

How do I update a Contact?

There are numerous ways to update Contact information. Learn more here.

I updated a Contact in my email address book, but the change isn’t appearing in SalesforceIQ CRM.

SalesforceIQ CRM only syncs newly created Contacts. It doesn’t track edits to existing Contacts.