Export List data to a CSV file

You can export data from any SalesforceIQ List you’re collaborating on to a CSV file. You can also export List data directly to a Google Sheet.

Note: If you enable List-level administrative controls, only Organization admins can export List data.

For any List, you can export either all the Grid data, or Contact data only.

  1. From the Grid or Stream view, click the downward-facing arrow to the right of the List name.
  2. Click Export.
  3. You have two options for exporting to a CSV file:
    • Export Grid—Select this option to download all the Grid data to a CSV file. Click Export Grid > To CSV.
    • Export Contacts—Select this option to download just the Contact data from the List to a CSV file.

      Note: If you have multiple values for a Contact category—for example, multiple email addresses—the export process exports one value only. If you have set one of the values as primary (such as a primary email address), the process exports the primary value. If you don't have any value set as primary, the process exports the value you most recently added to the Contact. We recommend setting primary values before export to make sure you export the most useful value for each category.

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