Troubleshooting: Integrations

The following questions address issues that you might experience when working with integrations in SalesforceIQ. The questions are grouped into these categories:

Marketing Automation Integrations (HubSpot, MailChimp, Pardot,

I removed a Contact from a List in SalesforceIQ that is synced with my marketing automation tool, but that Contact keeps reappearing on the List. What's happening?

Our integrations never delete Contacts in either the integration or the SalesforceIQ List. If you want to delete a Contact/deal, you have to delete this Contact/deal in both the SalesforceIQ List and the marketing automation tool. If you don't delete the Contact/deal in both locations, it continues to re-sync.

I'm trying to manage the fields on a List, but they keep getting messed up. What's happening?

Depending on the type of sync you have configured, there are a few possibilities:

  • SalesforceIQ List → external source (Pardot, Hubspot, Mailchimp
    • If you delete a field in SalesforceIQ, it deletes in both places.
    • If you delete a field in the external source, it is re-added during the next sync.
    • If you remove a field from the integration mapping (SalesforceIQ integration settings tab), the field stays in SalesforceIQ but is deleted from the external source.
  • External source (Pardot, Hubspot, Mailchimp, → SalesforceIQ List
    • If you delete a field in an external source, it deletes in both places.
    • If you delete a field in SalesforceIQ, it remains in the external source. You can go to add a field and select this field to add it back to the SalesforceIQ Grid.
    • Fields from your marketing automation tools are not automatically added to the Grid. After you set up a sync that sends data from your marketing automation tool into a SalesforceIQ List, you can then add marketing automation fields into your List through the standard process for adding a field.

I have more than 30 fields in my SalesforceIQ List, and my integration with Mailchimp doesn't appear to be working.

Each Mailchimp List can have 30 custom fields only. If you try to sync more than 30 fields from your SalesforceIQ List(s) to one Mailchimp List, the integration automatically pauses. To restart your integration, you need to remove some of the fields you are syncing.

Zapier and Custom Integrations

I received an "authorization failed" error from Zapier:

Most likely, you entered an incorrect API Key or Secret into Zapier, or you accidentally reset your API Secret and are trying to use an outdated Secret. To resolve this, go to your Zapier integration in SalesforceIQ to reset your Secret, and paste the old Key and new Secret into Zapier.

I'm trying to map field data up with one of my Lists, but I keep getting the following error:

Attempting to set *FIELD_TYPE* field value with *SENT_DATA_TYPE* *SENT_DATA*

You need to find out which field on your List is mapped/receiving the *SENT_DATA*, and correct the data to be of the correct type.

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