Troubleshooting: Exchange/Outlook Contacts

If you have an Exchange Account connected to SalesforceIQ, please keep the following in mind regarding synchronization of Contact information:

  • Contact sync between Exchange and SalesforceIQ takes place every five minutes. If you recently updated Contact information in Exchange, wait a few minutes to see if it appears in SalesforceIQ.
  • Updated Contact information appears in SalesforceIQ only if you modified the Contact in the Contact folder in Exchange itself. Changes you make in your private address book in Outlook don't appear in SalesforceIQ.
  • Contact sync goes back for two years. If you last modified a Contact more than two years ago, the Contact won't appear in SalesforceIQ.

Note for Exchange 2007 users: Exchange 2007 synchronizes email only with SalesforceIQ. If you use Exchange 2007, no Contact or calendar information syncs with SalesforceIQ. Learn more about supported Exchange versions here.

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