Troubleshooting: Chrome notifications disabled

If you are using Chrome and see the error: "Notifications are currently disabled, Sign into Chrome.", follow these steps to fix the issue:

  1. Do one of the following depending on your operating system:
    • Mac: Open the terminal app and run this command:
      open ~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/Chrome/
    • Windows: Click the Windows icon in the lower-left corner of the screen, enter cmd in the search field, and run this command:
      C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
  2. Look for a folder named Default or Profile that corresponds to your primary profile. If there is, open that folder.
  3. Within your primary profile folder, delete the GCM Store folder.
  4. Refresh your chrome browser.

If you can’t find your primary profile folder or have any other issues, please reach out to and our support team will track your case.

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