Troubleshooting: Address properties

The address information I entered isn’t appearing in the separate fields (City, County, and so on).

Make sure you enter a full mailing address. Partial address information cannot be automatically separated to appear in the individual fields.

I want to update the State, City, ZIP/Postal Code, or Country fields, but they appear hashed out and I can’t edit them.

You can only edit these fields in the full Address field. Make sure you add an Address field to your Grid. You make changes to any part of the address in this field, and the change appears in the individual field automatically.

I realized I’m storing emails, websites, and other random information in my Address field. What should I do?

You should track details that are not part of a street address in a separate field. Create a new field and transfer your non-address data out of the Address field. When you start typing street address information in the Address field, SalesforceIQ searches real addresses to help you with data accuracy. The full street address is automatically separated into distinct address components for you.

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