SalesforceIQ CRM to Sales Cloud Terminology

This Terminology Mapping Chart will help you understand how SalesforceIQ CRM features translate to Sales Cloud terminology.

The 5 key terms to recognize are Lists, Records, Grid View, Stream View and the SalesforceIQ Chrome Extension & Mobile App. These features are the key to everyday use within our SalesforceIQ CRM product, and are available within your Sales Cloud Organizations. To learn more please review the table below and click on the Sales Cloud Features links for more information.

SalesforceIQ CRM
Sales Cloud
List & List Types* Default Objects (Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities)

Custom Objects can be created in Professional Edition and Enterprise Editon Only
Records** Records
Grid View List View
Stream View/ My Feed Activity Timeline
Automatic Data Capture Einstein Activity Capture
SalesforceIQ CRM Chrome Extension/Mobile App Salesforce Mobile App
Contacts Contacts
Accounts Accounts
Fields*** Fields
Account Fields Account Object Fields
Standard Fields Default Fields (Status, Owner, Created)
Custom Fields Custom Fields
'Other List' Fields Lookup Fields
Tasks Tasks
Filters Custom List Views and Reports
Saved Filters Customizing a List View
Reporting Reports & Dashboards
Conversion Flow Lead Conversion Flow
Collaboration Chatter
Global Search Global Search
Users Users
Direct Integrations AppExchange

* Lists VS Objects

A List in SalesforceIQ acts the same way that an Object works in Sales Cloud. A List in SalesforceIQ is a collection of Contacts or Accounts representing a business process, such as a sales pipeline or a pool of recruiting candidates. An Object represents the same thing in Sales Cloud. For example, the Account object will contain all accounts, associated contacts, and other information such as opportunities or support/ service cases connected with the individual accounts. Again, the collection of all accounts is under the Account Object and when you dig into an individual account, that is called a record.

** What is a Record in Sales Cloud

A Record is where all the information lives within a particular object. For example, the Account Object is made up of all the individual account records. An account record is a page where the information about a particular account, such as name, phone number, address, associated contacts, associated opportunities, etc. live. In SalesforceIQ you can think of this as the Account Profile Page.

Another example can be seen with opportunity records. Each opportunity record contains all the information tied to that business opportunity such as your primary contact for the opportunity, the sales rep working the opportunity, the expected revenue, close date, tasks, logged activity, etc will live within the opportunity record. You can think of an opportunity record as each individual horizontal line on a SalesforceIQ opportunities list.

*** Fields

A field is a piece of information within a record in Salesforce. For example, within the account record of ABC company, the business address will be found on the address field. The phone number will be located in the work phone field so on and so forth. In SalesforceIQ fields refers to the columns on your grid. Each individual cell is a field value.

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