Step 4: Going Further with Sales Cloud

Once you've completed your migration and data import, you're ready to start using Sales Cloud!

Check out five pro-tips from the SalesforceIQ Customer Success team to get started:

  1. Bookmark — this is where you'll log in to your Sales Cloud org with your username (typically your work email address) and password.
  2. Constantly on the go? Make sure you and your team also downloads the Salesforce Mobile App (available on Android and iOS devices).
  3. Enable Inbox and Einstein Activity Capture. Inbox is a suite of productivity apps that allows you to bring Sales Cloud to your email clients. Use Einstein Activity Capture to connect your email to Salesforce and automatically add emails and calendar events to related Salesforce records (this is very similar to the feature where your emails and calendar events show up in the Stream view in SalesforceIQ CRM.
    • For Sales Cloud Essentials edition, follow instructions on how to enable Inbox and Einstein Activity Capture here.
    • For Sales Cloud Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions, follow instructions here to set up Inbox and then follow instructions here to enable Einstein Activity Capture.
    • Learn more about Salesforce Inbox here.
  4. Not only is the Salesforce Lightning user experience intuitive and intelligent, everything is also customizable! From the Home Page to tabs to adding new fields and rearranging the page layouts, you can make Sales Cloud fit your business. Check out this Lightning Customization Trailhead module to learn more.
  5. Want more tips? For a one-stop shop of all these setup resources and more, review our Getting Started setup pages for Sales Cloud.

Salesforce offers an ecosystem of resources to help our customers get started and get support where needed.

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