Step 1: Clean Up and Consolidate your Data


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Before beginning your migration, the first step is to clean up your existing data and understand where your data will migrate to in Sales Cloud. You want to be sure that you are bringing over only the best information to your new Sales Cloud organization, and we've provided resources to help below!

In this video, Preparing Data in SalesforceIQ [5 minutes], you'll learn:

  • How to export a backup copy of your SalesforceIQ CRM data
  • How SalesforceIQ CRM Lists map to Sales Cloud Objects
  • How to clean up your data in SalesforceIQ CRM
  • How to create Account Properties and Account Owner fields that migrate to Sales Cloud

To be sure your SalesforceIQ organization is ready for migration, use this data clean up checklist as a reference:

Understanding Sales Cloud Terminology

As you move forward with Sales Cloud, it’s important to learn some key concepts and terms. They come up frequently when you interact with the product, in help & training documentation, and with Sales Cloud technical support. Review the three important items below to get yourself Sales Cloud ready.

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