Sort the Grid view

To sort the Grid by any field, click the downward-facing to the right of the field name, and then select Sort A-Z or Sort Z-A.

The Grid rows now appear in the sort order you selected.

Note the following about sorting:

  • Sorting on a number field arranges the Grid from lowest number to highest (A-Z) or highest to lowest (Z-A).
  • Sorting on a date field arranges the Grid from oldest date to most recent (A-Z) or most recent to oldest (Z-A).
  • Sorting on a single select or multi select field arranges the Grid based on the order you set up the list entries when you added or edited the field. For example, when you set up your Status field, you might have listed the following statuses in order:
    1. Prospect
    2. Call
    3. Deal Won
    Sorting on the Status field A-Z displays all the entries in Prospect status first (in A-Z order by List object name), followed by all entries in Call status, then those in Deal Won status. Sorting on the field Z-A displays the entries in reverse order (Deal Won, then Call, then Prospect). In this case, within each status, the entries still appear in A-Z order by List object name.
  • Blank fields always appear at the bottom of the sorted display, whether you sort A-Z or Z-A.

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