SalesforceIQ CRM vs. ​Salesforce Inbox

Learn about the differences between SalesforceIQ's two product offerings: SalesforceIQ CRM and Salesforce Inbox.

SalesforceIQ CRM

SalesforceIQ CRM is an out-of-the-box CRM for small businesses that you can set up in minutes. It removes the need for manual data entry so sales teams can focus on closing deals, not entering data.

Our platform is extremely flexible to fit various workflows, including sales, business development, and account management.

SalesforceIQ CRM captures your professional touchpoints automatically from your email and calendar, freeing up more of your time for connecting with people. It uses data science tools to help you supercharge your productivity. Our platform facilitates collaboration by offering visibility your team's activity so you can easily stay up-to-date on your relationships

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Salesforce Inbox

Salesforce Inbox is a productivity app designed to help existing Salesforce users sell smarter. Available on iOS, Android, and Chrome, Inbox connects Salesforce to your email and offers time-saving productivity features like intelligent notifications, a smart meeting scheduling assistant, and email shortcuts.

Interested in Salesforce Inbox? Learn more here.

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