SalesforceIQ CRM Onboarding Series

You've purchased SalesforceIQ CRM—now what? As a SalesforceIQ admin or leader of your team, you may be asking yourself where to start, so we've created personalized onboarding paths to help get you up and running!

Note: Before you choose your path, make sure that you are using one of our supported emails and browsers.

The paths are based on where you are in your SalesforceIQ journey:

  • SalesforceIQ Setup: I'm just getting started setting up my account and need more guidance!
  • Using SalesforceIQ: I have my Lists and the basics of my account setup, but I want to learn how to incorporate SalesforceIQ into my day-to-day workflow.
  • Become a Power User: I have my Lists and my team is already using SalesforceIQ, but I want to become a power user!

Click the appropriate icon to follow your path:

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