SalesforceIQ CRM Quick Tips and Highlights

Our Customer Success team has compiled eight topics highlighting great features and best practice workflows for those looking to take their knowledge of SalesforceIQ to the next level. Read through our tips and try some today!

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Navigate the Product

Customize Properties

Learn Workflow and Productivity Tips

Find Your Way Around the Home Screen

Check out our Home Screen tips to prioritize and make the most out of every day:

  • Start your day in the Meetings tab with a snapshot of your calendar. Click into a meeting and click in the upper-right corner to email your agenda to all attendees so everyone is prepared.
  • After lunch, organize your tasks to prioritize the rest of the week. Create tasks for yourself, assign them to your teammates, or edit them to reschedule. Accept Suggested Tasks on the Home screen so that SalesforceIQ can help you keep up with emails that require a response.
  • Catch up at the end of the day using the Feed on the right side of the screen by scanning for updates on relationships that are important to you. Like and comment on your team’s activities directly from the Feed to move forward and close more deals. If you’re using the mobile app or Communication Center to send emails, we also recommend checking your read receipts in the Feed to know when your customers have read your emails.

Master the Stream View

In SalesforceIQ CRM, there are two views offered in a List. The Grid view provides a high-level overview of your entire book, while the Stream view allows you to dive into the interactions and notes of a single business relationship or opportunity. Try out these Stream view tips today:

  • Preview and download email attachments directly from the Stream. Confirming your colleague sent over the pitch deck? Want to view the signed contract from your customer? Now you can catch up on all interactions between your team and customers without leaving the Stream.
  • Collaborate with your team directly in the Stream. After jumping off the phone with a prospect, @mention individuals, your team, or your entire Organization to keep them up to speed. If your teammate receives @mention notifications, they can reply directly to that email to add a comment back to the Stream.
  • Email all relevant Contacts on a deal at once directly from the Stream. You’ll have access to all pertinent customer activity and opportunity details with the field values on the right side of the Stream.

Create Custom Contact Properties

Create custom Contact properties to track anything you’d like about a Contact and have your entire team see that information in the Contact Profile. Here are some reasons why our customers love custom Contact properties:

  • You can customize your workflow to track specific details about your Contacts, just as you can with Account properties. For instance, if you work with different types of small business owners, you can create a Contact property for Business Type and include the options brick and mortar or online.
  • You have a consistent view of information across your Accounts and Lists in SalesforceIQ. Not only can you view these Contact properties in the Contact Gallery, you can also add a Contact property as a field in your Contact-based List, allowing you to sort and filter using your custom data.

Create Address Properties

When entering a full mailing address in a List, use Address properties and SalesforceIQ intelligently parses the mailing address into separate fields for city, state, country, and postal code. Here are some tips to make the most of address properties:

  • As a sales rep, sort your leads and opportunities based on location. Have an upcoming business trip to San Francisco? You now have the option to sort your opportunities by ZIP code or city to determine which prospects to meet in person.
  • If you’re a sales manager you can use reporting to segment your data by location. Dive into your cumulative sales report and pivot by state/province to review your sales performance by state. You also have the option to review progress by city, country, or ZIP code.

    Note: Reporting is available on our Growth and Business plans.
  • Help Sales Operations and Finance keep your customer records up-to-date. Updates to addresses in the Grid reflect in the corresponding Contact or Account Profile. SalesforceIQ also searches our database to auto-fill the field with a valid address as you begin typing it in. This ensures all your data is up-to-date.

Instead of adding points of Contact to only an opportunity, you can also add Contacts directly to an Account. Here are three ways this exciting new feature can help improve your daily workflow:

  • Have multiple opportunities with the same company? When you associate Contacts to a new opportunity, SalesforceIQ suggests existing Contacts tied to the company.
  • Keep track of all prospects at an Organization. This may include Contacts you’re just starting to build a relationship with or those important for networking within a company. They show up as an Account Contact when you open the Stream, but since they’re not an opportunity Contact, their emails won’t clutter the Stream.
  • Easily track your opportunity Contacts. Maybe your main Contact changed roles and is no longer directly involved in your deal. You can now easily replace that Contact on the opportunity with your new Contact, and still keep tabs on the other Contact at the Account level! This way you can view only relevant interactions in the activity Stream.

Transition Your Prospects Seamlessly to Customers

How do you manage one of the most important transitions in your business, when prospects graduate and become customers? Check out these tips for surfacing key insights across all your Lists in SalesforceIQ to create a seamless customer experience:

  • Automatically provide the valuable insights captured during the sales process to your client management team by setting up conversion flows between Lists. Converting an opportunity over to your customer List brings all the valuable comments tracked by your sales team over to your customer success team to give them a jump start on fostering the relationship from day one.
  • Bring critical customer information to multiple Lists by inserting Other List fields. Tracking information on deal source or key buying factors on your opportunity List? Link those fields to your customers List to minimize double data entry.
  • Generate visibility by using Account Property fields that any team can update across Lists in real time. Use these fields to track an internal Account number, company LinkedIn page, or the client team’s favorite wine. Add these fields to the Grid view in all your Account-based Lists so your whole team knows the company on a personal level.

Leverage Email Shortcuts

Creating a Shortcut takes just a few seconds and makes your frequently crafted emails available in one click across all your devices, whether you’re in our web app or mobile apps. Here are some great use cases for email Shortcuts:

  • Create a follow-up email Shortcut. Use your Inactive Days Intelligence Field to find leads you haven’t heard back from in the last five days, click into each relationship to review activity history, and send off your follow-up email shortcut to your Contact. You can even experiment by setting up different follow-up templates to see which one hits the mark!
  • Perfect responses to frequently asked questions. Create the perfect template response for common questions or complex explanations one time, and use it over and over again.
  • Draft a team update template. Do you send out a weekly or monthly status update to your team? Create a Shortcut and then reference data from a saved List filter or one of our reports to update the details.

Stay Connected with the Mobile App

Use the SalesforceIQ mobile app to get full context on where you left off on your desktop.

  • Get your prospect on the phone right away. Make a call directly from the SalesforceIQ mobile app and your call is automatically logged in the Stream for that lead. Don’t forget to add your call notes in the Stream afterwards.
  • Set up a meeting for when you’re back at the office. Respond to the email from the Inbox view on your SalesforceIQ mobile app with Insert Availability so your prospect can confirm a meeting time with one click. Select Remind Me in the email options to schedule a follow-up task if your lead doesn’t reply back.
  • Come back to it later. Want to connect with your manager before responding? From the Inbox view, swipe right on the email to snooze it and set it to reappear in your Inbox when the time is right.

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