Reporting FAQ

Here are answers to some questions you might have about reporting within SalesforceIQ:

Why can't I view a Sales report for one of my Lists?

For a List to generate a Sales report, the List admin must select a numeric field to designate as the Revenue field. If a numeric field doesn't exist on the List, the List admin must add one.

Can I change my Revenue field selection?

A List admin can change the designated Revenue field by clicking to the right of Sales in the navigation panel on the left side of the screen.

If I change an owner, is historical progress or changes attributed to the new owner? Is activity/progress prior to the change attributed to the previous owner?

Our current reports attribute all outbound activity with opportunities, leads, or other relationships on a List to their respective author, regardless of the owner of those relationships.

When reporting sales, we attribute any revenue (ACV, MCV, etc.) to the current owner of that item, so that if a relationship is misclassified when it enters the Deal Won status, we don't incorrectly attribute that revenue.

We follow the same logic with our Pipeline reports, attributing the progress of the deal to its current owner.

What happens if a user is deleted?

The activity from a deleted user is still counted in the total for the List and is bucketed into a Deleted User field.

Which calls and meetings are counted?

Calls and meetings are counted for the users who have called/met with points of contact on this List. You can enter calls manually, or they can be pulled in automatically if they were made through the mobile app. You can enter meetings manually, or they can sync automatically from your Google calendar.

Note: Only activities that have occurred with a point of contact after the created date of the deal count towards reporting.

Who gets credit for a meeting that more than one person attends?

Only the meeting organizer/author gets credit for a meeting.


  • Andrew sends the invite for a meeting that Chad and Andrew attend with Ben (a point of contact on their List). Only Andrew gets credit for this meeting.
  • An assistant, who is not a user in the Organization, sends a calendar invite for the VP of Sales to a point of contact on the List. Nobody gets credit for this meeting.

Note: If you include the email address of a point of contact on a List in the description field of a calendar invite, this is counted as a meeting even if you don't include the point of contact as a guest.

What data is included in a CSV export?

When you select the CSV export option, only the data that is actively selected in the pivot grid is exported.

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