Overview: Organizations

Your Organization is the main hub for all of your SalesforceIQ activity. For most customers, your Organization is your company-wide Account that lets you collaborate with your teammates.

About Organizations

Your Organization includes the following information:

  • Billing and subscriptions
  • Collaborators and teams
  • Lists
  • Address books for shared Contacts and Accounts
  • Integrations (available in some plans)

All of your colleagues should work together under one common Organization. This is generally named after either your company (for example, ACME) or a large division within your company (for example, ACME Business Development). Working under a common Organization ensures that your colleagues always have access to the following:

  • Team announcements
  • Lists
  • Merge suggestions to keep your address book clean and up-to-date
  • Proper billing allocations
  • Integrations that can help automate your workflow (available in some plans)

After you create an Organization, you can invite new users to your Organization or move a user from another Organization into your common Organization.

Accessing Organization Information

To access your Organization information and settings:

  1. Click at the top of the screen, and then select Settings.
  2. If you have more than one Organization, hover over the displayed Organization name to see your other Organizations displayed to the left. Click the Organization you want.
  3. On the Settings menu, click Settings.
  4. Click a category below the Organization name (General, Sharing, Lists, etc., located on the left hand side of the screen) to view those settings for the Organization.
  5. If you have multiple Organizations, you can click the current Organization displayed under Organization Settings and select a different Organization from the menu to customize settings for that Organization.

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