Overview: Import SalesforceIQ activity after migrating to Sales Cloud

Here are the high-level steps for importing your SalesforceIQ activity after migrating to Sales Cloud. If you just want to migrate to Sales Cloud without importing activity, follow these steps instead.

* Note: This import process will work for Sales Cloud Professional Edition or Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition only.

  1. Have your team stop manually logging activity into your SalesforceIQ Organization.
  2. Migrate your data using the SalesforceIQ migration tool. This migrates Lists, Contacts, and Accounts.
  3. After your Salesforce migration has completed, use the Organization export functionality to retrieve all manually logged activities. Create a copy of the export file to retain for your records
  4. Ensure that all users that were in SalesforceIQ have a user record in Salesforce. This step is required if you want the author of Stream comments to be the author of the respective chatter comment.
  5. Marry the exported data files.
  6. Re-import the data into Salesforce using Data Loader. The steps depend on the data type:


In this video, Importing Comments into Sales Cloud [6 minutes], you'll learn:

  • How to import Comments into Sales Cloud using Data loader
  • Where to download the Comments import template
  • How to copy and paste your SalesforceIQ data into the import template
  • How to map your fields into Sales Cloud for import using Data Loader

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