Overview: Fields

A field is a cell in the List Grid view that displays a certain piece of information for each List entry—lead, opportunity, etc.—that appears in the Grid. Field categories for each entry can include status, number of inactive days, and information regarding the last communication. These field categories appear as columns in the Grid. The cells within the fields are filled in with the actual value for that lead, opportunity, etc.

The following Grid field types are available in SalesforceIQ:

You can customize the fields in a List Grid view in a number of ways:

If you add, delete, or change the setup of a field, this change applies to all users. If you delete a field, an alert appears asking you to confirm that you want to do this.

For an overview of adding fields, watch the following video (~3 min):

If you reorder or hide/show a field, this change appears in your Grid view only. It doesn't impact the Grid view that appears to other users. If you choose either of these options, you can easily restore the Grid to its default view.

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