Overview: Connected Accounts

Your professional relationships are not confined to a single system or network—and especially not to one owner. Connected Accounts helps you manage this complexity by letting you link your existing email account to your SalesforceIQ user Account. Connecting your Accounts takes away the pain of creating and updating Accounts and Contacts, because the system does this for our users automatically, pulling in data from multiple sources.

Note: SalesforceIQ requires the use of Google, Exchange, or Office 365 servers. It isn’t compatible with independent IMAP or POP servers.

Supported Connected Account Types

  • Email—Address book information, email traffic, and email content, which you can use and share to help productivity.
  • Calendars—Events from meeting invites that you can use in our intelligent Grid fields.
  • Phone calls—If you place a phone call using our mobile app, you can decide to have a phone call automatically noted in your Stream to help you track your communication with your Contacts.

Adding Forwarding Accounts

We recommend that users connect forwarding email accounts to SalesforceIQ whenever possible to ensure a consistent experience. Note that to send an email through SalesforceIQ, you must connect the email account directly to SalesforceIQ. You can't use forwarding and alias accounts as “sent" email addresses.

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