Overview: Account properties

Account properties are custom properties that your organization's admin creates that allow you to store information at the Account level, rather than tied to a specific lead, opportunity, etc. on a List. You can view, fill out, and update these properties on Lists, so your collaborators can easily access them throughout the workflow.

By using Account properties, teams can maintain these details without worrying about updating multiple Lists. And because these fields are customizable, you can be sure whatever Account-level information you need is easily accessible.

Account properties differ from Company properties in that Company properties are set pieces of information that we pull from various sources on the web. You can't edit Company properties. Account properties, by contrast, are created by admins and can be edited and customized.

Account properties are available for account-based Lists only.

Some Account property features are available to admin users only. Learn more about them here. For more information on Organization admins, including how to tell who yours is, see here.

Other Account property features are available to all users. Learn more about them here.

Note: If your Account Property field isn't appearing in the Grid, or you can't copy and paste information into the Account Property field, see our troubleshooting article.

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