Migrate external data

SalesforceIQ offers a variety of options that make it easy for users to migrate data from an external system into SalesforceIQ. Here is an overview of those options and some considerations for using them.

  • Importing data to a List—SalesforceIQ offers an easy tool that allows admin users to import existing customer data into a List in SalesforceIQ. The tool walks you through formatting your file correctly to import Contacts, Accounts, and List-specific items such as opportunities or leads. An admin user can import data either to a new List the admin creates in SalesforceIQ or to any existing List in the Organization.
    Note: The import tool includes a downloadable sample CSV template to help you format your data correctly.
  • Migrating your data from Sales Cloud to SalesforceIQ—Depending on your Sales Cloud edition, you can use prebuilt or custom-built reports to migrate your data into SalesforceIQ.
  • Importing Contacts—Any user can import Contacts from an external system to their SalesforceIQ Contact Gallery.
  • Capturing communication activity that is in the other system before you create your SalesforceIQ Account—If your email and calendar events are hosted in Google Apps, our system syncs existing emails and calendar events up to six months old. If you're hosted on Exchange, we sync emails up to two years old. Learn more about our Sharing model and how to share communication.

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