Merging two Lists

By merging similar existing Lists in your SalesforceIQ CRM organization, you will be able to more seamlessly migrate your Opportunities and Leads into Sales Cloud using the SalesforceIQ Migration Tool.

The SalesforceIQ Migration Tool imports one Leads List and one Opportunities List. So combining your similar Lists is a key step in the data clean up and consolidation process.

In this video, you will learn how to consolidate your Lists in SalesforceIQ CRM. This is one of the important pre data migration steps that you as the Admin should complete.

Follow the steps below to manually create a "merged" List from two existing Lists:

  1. On the first List, check the box to the left of any List object name you want to copy, click Copy To, select the second List, and then click OK. (Full steps here.)
  2. In the second List, create an Other List field for each field on the first List. This brings over all the fields and values from the first List into the second List.
  3. Add any fields you are tracking in the first List to the second List. For single select and multi select fields, make sure the options match exactly.
  4. In the second List, filter the view by the Created Date field to show objects added to the List this day only.
  5. In the second List, copy the fields from the first List by using the Other List fields you copied over from the first List. Do this one field at a time as follows:
    • For a given Other List field, click the field header. This selects all entries in the field.
    • Press Ctrl+C (Windows) or Cmd+C (Mac) to copy all.
    • For the field with the same name from the second List, click the field header.
    • Press Ctrl+V (Windows) or Cmd+V (Mac) to paste all.
  6. Delete the Other List fields that you copied over.

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