How to Use Sales Cloud Data Import Wizard

Before you begin your migration with this tool please note the following:

  • The Data Import Wizard makes it easy to import data for many standard Salesforce objects, including accounts, contacts and leads. You can also import data for custom objects.
  • Preparing your data for import and creating an import file is key to your success. Doing this step first prevents errors, duplication of data, and frustration.

IMPORTANT: Please complete ‘Step 1: Planning your Migration’ before continuing with this data import.

Exporting Your SalesforceIQ CRM Data

You can either do a complete export of your organization data including lists, contacts, and accounts, or export only list data.

Import and Migrate Your Data

  1. Cleaning up your Import File video breakdown - This will help you understand the importance of and the steps needed to be sure you are bringing over ‘clean’ data from SalesforceIQ
  2. How to Import your Data into Sales Cloud Series is a full video series of best practices for setting up your import file and Sales Cloud system to aid in the import process
    • Video 1: Choosing the Importing Tool
    • Video 2: Cleaning Up Your Import File
    • Video 3: Cleaning and Preparing Your Data Using Excel
    • Video 4: Importing Owner IDs and Parent IDs
    • Video 5: Best Practices for Importing Data
  3. Additionally, there is a step by step Import Walkthrough document, which can be printed to help you walk through the detailed process

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