Enable conversion flow

Organization admins can set up customized settings that let you convert leads, opportunities, etc. from one List to another as they pass through your processes. For example, you may want to convert leads to opportunities once they've been qualified, or opportunities to customers once they've made a purchase.

Note: Converting objects from one List to another is a two-step process. First, you must enable conversion flow, as described in this article. Then you must manually convert the List objects. Enabling conversion flow does not automatically convert objects between Lists when a status is changed.

Learn how to find your Organization admin(s) here.

Video: Conversion Flow (~4.5 min)

Steps for Enabling Conversion Flow

  1. Open the originating List.
  2. Click the List name at the top of the screen and select List Settings.
  3. On the screen that appears, check the Enable Conversion Flow box.
  4. Under Conversion Flow Settings, select the List to which you want to transfer your lead, opportunity, etc. (Destination List).

    Note: The destination List for a conversion flow must be an Accounts List. If the destination List you want doesn't appear, you need to assign it as an Accounts List. Open the destination List, click the List name at the top of the screen, and click List Settings Under Type, select Accounts. Click Save and then repeat the procedure above to set up the conversion flow.
  5. Select the default status for the lead, opportunity, etc. after conversion (Post-Conversion Status). This status is applied to the entry on the originating List after conversion. All converted entries on the destination List start at the first active status for the Status field on that List.

    Note: After conversion, the Days in Status field on the originating List resets to 0.
  6. Check the box if want existing comments copied to the new List, and then click Save.

Learn about how to convert individual leads, opportunities, etc. here.

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