Employee leaving company

When an employee leaves the company, or any other time you need to remove a user from SalesforceIQ, follow these high-level steps. All existing email communication, comments/notes, tasks, and shared Contacts remain in the company's Organization.

Important: The user should not delete any connected email Accounts in his or her personal settings. This removes all past email communication in all Lists in SalesforceIQ. Instead, either the user or the admin should remove the user from the Organization. This immediately stops all new information from the user's connected Accounts coming into the company's Organization.

  1. Before deleting the user, the user should share all important Stream content. This information can't be shared after removing the user.
  2. Either an administrator or the user him- or herself can remove the user from SalesforceIQ. To do so, click at the top of the screen, and then click Settings > Users. Hover over the user's name and click .
  3. If you have a new employee coming on, invite that employee as a user to the Organization.

The sections below provide more details on this process.

What happens when I remove the employee as a user from the Organization?

When you remove an employee from the company's SalesforceIQ Organization, the following items remain on Lists in your Organization:

  • All existing email communication, as long as the employee didn't delete any connected Accounts
  • Comments and notes
  • Tasks
  • Shared Contacts

Any unshared personal Contacts from the employee's My Contacts address book, as well as any future email communication, don't populate in the Organization.

In addition, after the employee is removed from the Organization, that employee no longer has access to any information—including Lists, Contacts, and so on—in the company's SalesforceIQ Organization.

What if I want to transfer the removed employee's Account to a new employee?

In SalesforceIQ, you don't transfer one user's license or Account to another user. Instead, if you have a new employee taking over a seat from a user you removed, invite the new employee as a user in SalesforceIQ after removing the previous employee.

What happens to the number of licenses I have in the SalesforceIQ Account when I remove an employee?

When you remove the previous employee from your SalesforceIQ Organization, it removes that person's access to SalesforceIQ. The number of licenses remains the same based on your existing contract.

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