Contact sync frequently asked questions

Does SalesforceIQ CRM sync with my email address book?

Yes, Contacts are imported automatically via any connected email Account. SalesforceIQ CRM syncs both Google and Outlook Contacts.

Do my Contacts sync both ways?

Contact sync is a one-way data transfer from your email Address Book to SalesforceIQ CRM. Actions you take in SalesforceIQ CRM—for example, updating a Contact name—are not reflected in your email address book.

How often do Contacts sync to SalesforceIQ CRM?

The sync interval varies depending on your email server. Syncs usually take place every 5–15 minutes.

Synced Contacts appear in your Contact Gallery. They don’t appear on any of your Lists unless you add them.

I deleted a Contact in my email address book, but it didn’t delete in the Contact Gallery.

SalesforceIQ CRM does’'t delete any of your data across the application. In this situation, we recommend archiving the Contact.

How do I turn off automatic Contact sync?

To do this, disable email Contact sync.

How do I update a Contact?

There are numerous ways to update Contact information. Learn more here.

I updated a Contact in my email address book, but the change isn’t appearing in SalesforceIQ CRM.

SalesforceIQ CRM only syncs newly created Contacts. It doesn’t track edits to existing Contacts.

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