Become a SalesforceIQ Power User

Want to become a SalesforceIQ Power User? You’ve come to the right place! This path will take you through our most advanced features including reporting, integrations, and mass emailing so you can take SalesforceIQ to the next level.

Note: Check our pricing matrix to determine which of these features are available on your current plan.

  • Activity Reports (~1.5 min)
  • Sales Reports (~4 min)
  • Pipeline Reports (~4 min)
  • Watch or attend our Reporting Training
    to learn more about how to use Reports
    day to day as a Sales Manager and Sales Rep (~19.5 min)

  • Streamline your workflow by connecting SalesforceIQ to other applications you use everyday.
  • Start with our Integrations training
    for an overview of our integration capabilities (~19 min)

  • Need to send the same message to multiple contacts?
    Learn how to use our latest feature, Mass Emailing,
    straight from within SalesforceIQ! (~3.5 min)

  • Learn more about our admin controls and how to
    set permission settings here, or watch the video
    (~1.5 min)

Office Hours: Still have more questions? We’re here to help! Join one of our weekly office hour sessions for more personalized answers to your questions from a SalesforceIQ expert.

Want to learn even more? Check out our feature highlights.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You have completed all your SalesforceIQ training and are now a SalesforceIQ pro! Please contact us if you have any other questions.

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