The Admin Toolkit for Salesforce Inbox

Salesforce Admins, we’ve provided all the tools you need to roll out Inbox to your team. After you’ve purchased Inbox licenses, get set up in just three easy steps!

Note: If you’re currently signed up on a free trial, this article doesn’t apply to you. Instead, download the Outlook, Chrome extension, iOS, or Android app and sign in to start using Salesforce Inbox.

Admin License Assignment Guide:
Install and assign Inbox licenses to your users
App Installation Guide:
Have users install and connect Inbox

Required Fields:
Configure required fields on an object page layout

Best Practices Guide:
Share these pro tips with your users to make the most of Inbox

Now your team is all set up to become power users of Salesforce Inbox!

Want to send the toolkit to your team? Download the Inbox Admin Toolkit content here.

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